Sundance, the American fashion and lifestyle company founded by actor Robert Redford celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. What began as a small store in the Wasatch Mountains quickly expanded into a mail-order catalog, creating a devoted following over the last few decades.

Promoting artisans and premium craftsmanship, it now includes iconic American brands like Frye and Quoddy as well.

The original store is part of the Sundance Village, which sits on the 6,000+ acre property Redford conceptualized in 1969 as a way to focus more attention on nature and the arts. There are now several stores across the US.

The runaway star of the Sundance Group is undoubtedly the Sundance Film Festival. He explained what inspired him to create the festival in a 2013 interview“The reason I started Sundance was because I felt the mainstream was controlling exhibition. I thought there were a whole lot of other people out there that were talented.” Redford recently announced he would be taking a step back from the festival to “…spend time with the films and the filmmakers.”

“Sundance acts as an agent for change, helping new voices be seen and heard. Work that reflects the society we are living in.” — Robert Redford

An artist and environmentalist, Redford’s desire to pursue both interests hasn’t slowed over the years. His recent appearance in A Walk In The Woods – the bestselling memoir by Bill Bryson that recounts an attempt to hike the treacherous Appalachian Trail, and vocal protest of the now famous Pebble Mine in Alaska, shows Redford is still committed to what has driven him throughout his career.